1. Installation
1) After the CNC equipment reaches the user, we will guide the customer through installation, commissioning and training by internet.
2) If additional training is needed, our engineers can pay customers a visit and provide complete tutorials for unloading, installation, operation and maintenance.

2. Training
1) The training process previously mentioned will be a comprehensive program that will give your operators the relevant skills to handle the computer operation and related graphics software. Engineers will be trained for user programming, operation, processing and routine maintenance.
2) Our people can return monthly to perform checkups and answer any questions that may arise.

3. Guarantee
1) Warranty: 1 year free maintenance and replacement parts, excluding wearable components. Any damage done to the CNC machinery due to improper operation or maintenance will not be covered under the warranty.
2) Warranty period: lifetime maintenance, service fee charged the appropriate fee and the cost of replacement parts.

Responding period
1. If you call or message us, we will reply within 24 hours and offer you advice or devise a plan to fix the processing equipment.

2. This will be followed up by repair service within 48 hours for domestic customers and 72 hours for international customers.

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