About Us

Jinan Gete Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an expert manufacturer of professional grade CNC equipment. We operate a production facility that is staffed by our highly skilled workers and top-notch research and development team. Our R&D team represents our Jinan Pin Mai CNC Equipment branch and has rich innovation experience in the CNC machinery industry. We are able to supply our high quality products all over the world, including our high speed CNC routers, CNC laser engraving machines and plasma machines.

Thanks to the talent of our employees and our commitment to staying at the cutting-edge of technology, we look to produce the best products and services for our customers in more than 50 countries around the world. We look forward to future opportunities for cooperation and we would love to form long term relationships for mutual benefit.

Our advantages
1. We have more than 1,000 users.

2. We can provide on-site installation, training, commissioning and other services.

3. Free sculpture designs and free software upgrades for life.

4. From the date of purchase, you can visit our company for free to participate in various technical training programs.

5. If you encounter any issues with our products, we will gather information and provide solutions 24 hours after the receipt of the issue.

One year warranty for replacement with lifetime maintenance plans.

Our response time is within 24 hours.

Warranty still provides a wide range of hardware and software support after expiration.

Jinan Gete Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.



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