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Our CNC wood routers are designed for the wood processing industry to produce furniture, doors, windows, cabinets and any number of other wood products. The CNC equipment is also suitable for automated carving and cutting of nameplates, acrylic and other materials for arts and crafts and souvenir purposes.

Our CNC stone router units are strong enough for high capacity stone carving and engraving processes. They are suitable for tombstone processing, ink stone carving, advertising features, and decoration and handicraft applications. No matter your stone cutting need, you will find that our selection of stone routers will be able to fulfil your requirements.

Our three dimensional CNC routers are designed and built for the processing of products with 3 dimensional design features such as statues, crafts and other intricate goods. These CNC machines just require a design input and then they will carve the workpiece into the desired shape. 3D printing allows for the beauty and detail of a handmade product but it can be produced on a large scale.

Our woodworking CNC machining centers are specially designed for use on solid wood processing. This CNC equipment is intended for furniture sculpting, wood carving, sporting goods design and musical instrument fabrication.

Our stone working CNC machining centers are multifunctional units that perform actions like drilling, sanding, edging and carving on a variety of stone and stone-like materials. The stone cutting units can process artificial stone, quartz, ceramics glass and microcrystalline stone products. We are known for our high quality CNC machinery and these do more than live up to that reputation.

The 4 axis CNC router with rotating head allows for high precision in every direction and dimension. The CNC machine is designed for large scale 3 dimensional processing. Diversified control can control processing speed, idling speed, cutting speed, greatly improving the quality and processing efficiency of processed products.

The 5 axis CNC router features a top control system that offers intuitive inputs for easy operation. All of the components of the CNC machine are supplied by trusted brands. RTCP axis function (real axis interpolation) for large three-dimensional surface modeling.

The styrofoam carving machine is designed for smooth operation because it deals with soft foam materials. The sliding guide system allows for smooth and highly accurate operation. The CNC machine's vacuum system prevents dust output, extending the life of the equipment.

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