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5 Axis CNC Router

1. The 5 axis CNC router features a top control system that offers intuitive inputs for easy operation.
2. All of the components of the CNC machine are supplied by trusted brands.
3. RTCP axis function (real axis interpolation) for large three-dimensional surface modeling.

For industry
Mold Industry: casting, automotive, thick plastic, ceramic sanitary ware, ships, boats, aerospace industry, wind energy, rail transportation, and handicrafts.

3D processing: glass, steel trimming, resin parts and other solid carbide piece.

Teaching experiment industry: chairs and other needs of the three-dimensional processing of furniture and other products.

Suitable processing materials
Wood, wood, Styrofoam foam (EPS), resin, plaster, clay and non-metallic carbonized composite material .

Technical Parameter
Series GT5-1224 GT5-1530
Overall dimension 1850*3100*950/1200mm 2150*3700*950/1200mm
X, Y, Z travel 1200*2400*650*900mm 1500*3000*650*900mm
B/C axis travel B:±185°,C:±320°
Table size 1200*2400mm 1500*3000mm
Transmission X/Y/Z slant rack gear
Table structure Aluminum (with T-slot)
Spindle power 12.0KW HSD
Spindle speed 22000 r/min
Fast moving speed 60 / 60 / 20m/min
Max. operating speed 20m/min
Magazine form Hats
Drive System Japan Yaskawa servo motor
Voltage AC380/3PH/50HZ
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