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TMC18-3115 Granite CNC Machining Center for countertops cutting

1. The TMC18-3115 CNC stone machining center uses a four axis linkage control system for 3D printing statues and other crafts. The machine adopts a servo drive for high speed and high precision.
2. Imported linear square rails, high loading capacity, smooth operation, high precision, long life, precision knife.
3. The stone cutting machine features a high strength steel structure that adds to the precision of the process.
4. Constant power spindle motor for high cutting efficiency and intensity.
5. Software compatibility: Typ3 / ARTCAM / CASTMATE / NC-studio and other CAD / CAM design software.
6. Two-way tool cooling system to improve tool life.

Granite, marble, bluestone, sandstone and other stone carving.

Granite and other hard stone carvings can be layered to 5mm.

Marble, bluestone, etc. can be sculpted to 5mm.

Machine model GT-9015 GT-1218 TMC18-3115
X size 900mm 1200mm 1300mm
Y size 1500mm 1800 2500
Z size 260mm 260mm 260mm
Dimension 1100mm x 2000mm 1400mm x 2300mm 1600mm x 3100mm
Process precision 0.05mm 0.05mm 0.05mm
Reposition accuracy 0.05mm 0.05mm 0.05mm
Table structure aluminum aluminum aluminum
Transmission x/y rack gear, Z ball screw x/y rack gear, Z ball screw x/y rack gear, Z ball screw
Power(no spindle) 2kw 2kw 2kw
Max moving speed 8800mm/min 8800mm/min 8800mm/min
Spindle power 4.5Kw 4.5Kw 4.5Kw
Spindle speed 0-24000RPM 0-24000RPM 0-24000RPM
Motor Stepper motor Stepper motor Stepper motor
Voltage AC 380V/50HZ AC 380V/50HZ AC 380V/50HZ
Control pattern PCI CARD control PCI CARD control PCI CARD control

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