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ATC Woodworking CNC Machining Center

Our woodworking CNC machining centers are specially designed for use on solid wood processing and soft metal cutting. This CNC equipment is intended for furniture sculpting, wood carving, sporting goods design and musical instrument fabrication.

The moving table CNC machining center features a table move cutting mode with an x,y and z axis that are screw driven and add a great deal of precision.
HSD spindle with a speed range of 3000-24000RPM.

The GNMC-1325 CNC machining center for door carving is specially designed for creating high quality door shapes with its high precision structure. The door carver is compatible with a variety of design software for quick and simple design input.

The GEMC-1325 AT-D CNC machining center is highly durable and incredible precise and powerful. Each piece of wood processing machinery is compatible with a whole range of design software for easy to use design input.