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GEMC-1325 Economic ATC CNC Machining Center

1. The GEMC-1325 CNC machining center is highly durable and incredible precise and powerful.
2. Each piece of wood processing machinery is compatible with a whole range of design software for easy to use design input.
3. Manual lubrication system.
4. Vacuum unit helps prevent dust discharge with powerful suction up to 250 cubic meters/hour.
5. SYNTEC control system is easy to operate and saves time during operation.

Technical parameters
Model GEMC-1325 Woodworking center
X, Y axis travel 1300×2500mm
Z axis travel 200mm
Maximum operating speed 60m/min
The maximum engraving speed 25m/min
Resolution 0.005mm
Repeat accuracy 0.02mm
Clamping means Vacuum
Carving instructions G code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
Software operating environment windows98/2000/xp
Control System Syntec
Power (Excluding spindle) 6KW
Voltage AC380V/50Hz
Spindle power 9KW Italian air-cooled
Spindle speed 0-18000rpm/min (HSD Air Cooled, Imported)
Working mode Japan Yaskawa servo
Running rail XYZ axis all square rail
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