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GTMC-1325 Linear type ATC CNC Machining Center for mini words

1. The moving table CNC machining center features a table move cutting mode with an x,y and z axis that are screw driven and add a great deal of precision.
2. HSD spindle with a speed range of 3000-24000RPM.
3. The table is made using high strength sheet milling and is equipped with a powerful vacuum system to prevent dust discharge during wood processing.
4. Automatic lubrication with a touch of a button.

1. Furniture industry: all kinds of furniture, solid wood furniture, cutting and carving
2. Advertising industry: gifts, crystal jewelry, advertising logo signs, mini word engraving
3. Industry: sandwich plate, nylon board, fiberboard and a variety of soft metal processing

Machine type Table moving woodworking machine
XYZ travel 1300 mm×2500mm*230mm
Max engraving speed 25000mm/min
Max moving speed 60000mm/min
Processing accuracy < 0.1/300300mm
Spindle power 9KW HSD, 6000-24000rpm
Inverter Taiwan delta
Operate system SYNTEC
Motor and driver Japan YASKAWA servo motor 850w
Voltage AC380V/50HZ
Software UCANCAM, Artcam,JD, power mill

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