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4 Axis Three-Dimensional Stone CNC Router, T-1015

4 Axis upright type stone machine for big Buddha making

1. The 4 Axis three-dimensional stone CNC router is a 3D printer designed for engraving and carving large vertical structures.
2. Lateral depth of 5cm at max processing speed.
3. High speed spindle with a max speed up to 24000 RPM.
4. High strength steel structure for minimal variation in design accuracy.
5. Memory function can store 9 origins.
6. Compatible with Type3 / ARTCARM / CASTMATE / PROE / CORELEROW / UCANCAM, and other CAD / CAM software.

Spindle power 7.5kw water-cooling spindle mainly for stone
chuck Special chuck mainly for stone
Voltage 3 phase 380V/50HZ or 60HZ or as customer needing
Spindle speed 6000---24000rmp/min
Working size 1m*1.5m
Max engraving speed 13m/min
Transmission grind rack gear transmission
Rail 25mm HIWIN rack gear
Motor Servo motor
Inverter 7.5KW delta
Spindle wire tall shield cable
Control system four-axis coordinated control system
Oiling Automatic oiling system

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