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P1325S Stone CNC router

The P1325S CNC stone router is a high intensity cutting unit that boasts high efficiency with its constant power spindle motor. Each cutting machine features a dual water circulation system to protect the cutting tool and extend the machine’s life. The CNC system features a three-dimensional dynamic display for tracking the cutting knives. The system allows the user to save 10 breakpoints and breakpoint continued carvings to reduce waste.

Marble, granite, bluestone, jade, ceramics, crystal, glass, plastic, chemical synthesis Plexiglas board, PVC board, wood, aluminum plate, metal, plastic and other materials for line engraving, 2D engraving, 3D sharp end sculpture, three-dimensional reliefs, drilling.

Machine model P1325S stone CNC router
XYZ Travel 1300*2500*350mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.02mm
Table structure Aluminum table
Spindle power 3.0kw
Spindle speed 0-24000rmp/min
Type of transmission High-accuracy rack gear
Rail Taiwan square rail
Control system NC-studio or DSP
Machine structure Steel
Motor Stepper motor
Voltage AC220V/380V-50Hz
Engraving command G code, PLT, HPGL2D, 3D

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