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CNC Wood Router

Our CNC wood routers are designed for the wood processing industry to produce furniture, doors, windows, cabinets and any number of other wood products. The CNC equipment is also suitable for automated carving and cutting of nameplates, acrylic and other materials for arts and crafts and souvenir purposes.

This model of CNC wood cutting machine features high speed and high precision. Our standard working size is 1300*2500*230mm, the CNC equipment can be customized, however. The max working speed can reach 40M/min. Optional automatic loading and unloading platform, vertical-type magazine or hats style magazine, is a highly cost-effective, scalable and strong economical wood processing center.

The GS-A-1325 standard CNC router features imported linear square rails, double four ball slider, high loading capacity, smooth operation, high precision, and long life. The automated CNC equipment prevents errors during wood processing and greatly increases production capacity. The system is easy to use and configure quickly.

The GA3-1325 three-process CNC router is an engraving machine with a simple tool change component that helps minimize downtime and greatly increase production capacity. The three-process function of the router allows the machine to complete the work of three separate machines. The wood router is compatible with TYPE3, ARTCAM and UCANCAM drafting software for added convenience.

1. The twin head CNC router features 2 independent heads that can move together or independently
2. Our standard working size is 1300*2500*230mm. Machine can be customized
3. One person can operate the wood router with simple training

The bentwood chair engraving CNC router features an entire steel structure that is tempered to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece. Each component of the wood router are supplied from trusted suppliers and are precision crafted.

1. The G8-2512 eight-head CNC router uses a high-power, water-cooled electric spindle.
2. X, Y, Z axes are used in the self-lubricating square linear guide bearing for a long working life.

The G6-1825 six-head CNC router is intended for multi-spindle carving. The same pattern can be carved on each spindle simultaneously, greatly increasing the speed of processing. They can also perform their woodworking independently. During batch processing, product consistency and quality can be counted on with this CNC routing machine.

The G4-1325 four-head CNC router is designed for high-speed engraving that can carve any graphic design. The engraver supports scanners, UG, ArtCAM, Type3, CorelDraw, Proe, Wentai and other design software to generate G-code format carvings.

1. The GT-1215 rotary axis CNC router features high-precision ground ball screws that increase speed, eliminate gaps and produce little noise.
2. The engraver uses an imported linear guide for high precision, automatic lubrication, automatic dust removal effect and long working life.