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G4-1325 Four-Head CNC Router for wood relief and 3D engraving

1. The G4-1325 four-head CNC router is designed for high-speed engraving that can carve any graphic design. The engraver supports scanners, UG, ArtCAM, Type3, CorelDraw, Proe, Ucancam and other design software to generate G-code format carvings.
2. The CNC system is fitted with a PCI controller card that can be used to completely control the carving process offline.

Doors and furniture: These engravers are intended to produce wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, large plate engraving and various other wood engraving purposes.

Electronics: The four-head CNC router is precise enough to cut circuit boards, insulation materials, LED displays and household appliances.

Musical instruments: the machine can perform three-dimensional carving and shape cutting for violins, piano panels and guitars.

Technical parameters
Machine model G4-1325 four wood engraving machine
Engraving area 1300X2500mm
Engraving height 150mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Engraving speed 0-12m/min
Spindle motor 1.5kw-2.2kw optional
Drive mode stepper motor
Power supply 110v/220v/50Hz
Engraving software Domestic or imported professional engraving software Type3 ArtCAM,UCANCAM

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