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Bentwood Chair Engraving CNC Router

1. The bentwood chair engraving CNC router features an entire steel structure that is tempered to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.
2. Each component of the wood router are supplied from trusted suppliers and are precision crafted.
3. Advanced dual-Y axis rack drive, fast, powerful.
4. Easy to operate: the use of an advanced USB interface DSP operating system (reads U disk), completely offline work.
5. Excellent Performance: Resume carving, power recovery, processing time prediction function, the real user-friendly design.
6. Software Compatibility: open software interface, compatible with type3 / ARTCAM / CASTMATE / UCANCAM and other CAD / CAM design software to generate the processing code.
7. The woodworking machine is designed for maximum efficiency processing.

Working table size 1380×2500mm
X, Y travel 1300×2500mm
Reposition accuracy ±0.05mm
systemic resolution ±0.0025mm
Spindle power 6KW
Spindle speed 6000-18000rpm/Min
Max moving speed 60m/Min
Max working speed 10m/Min
Feeding height 200mm
Voltage AC380V/50Hz or as customer needing
Working commend HPGL /G code

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