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GA3-1325 Three-Process CNC Router

The GA3-1325 three-process CNC router is an engraving machine with a simple tool change component that helps minimize downtime and greatly increase production capacity. The three-process function of the router allows the machine to complete the work of three separate machines. The wood router is compatible with TYPE3, ARTCAM and UCANCAM drafting software for added convenience.

Thanks to the machine’s design mapping software, you can achieve a variety of sculpting designs, such as reliefs, shadow carvings, engravings, flat carving and cutting.

Woodworking: all kinds of doors, windows, cabinets, wooden crafts, wave board processing and furniture processing.

Part configuration
Spindle 3.0KW water-cooling
Rail Taiwan HIWIN square rail (High dust, 3000 km maintenance-free, easy maintenance, lubrication-free type slide, loop fuel injection systems)
Control system NC-studio (Anti-jamming capability, system stability, high precision, good finish)
Inverter FULING inverter
driver LEADSHINE 860H
Transmission X/Y axis rack gear ; Z axis ball screw ;(high precision, high speed)
Limit switch The best one in domestic
Cable Trustworthy and qualified cable (anti-jamming, anti-static, with high flexibility, long-term use, not to be broken)
Machine bed Thick-walled square tube welded steel body, vibration aging treatment, prolonged use of deformation, to ensure the accuracy of the overall machine bed
X travel 1300mm
Y travel 2500mm
Table size 1800*3600mm
Max moving speed 22m/min
Max engraving speed 9m/min
Spindle speed 24000r/min
Motor Stepper motor
Voltage AC380V/50Hz or as customer needing
Working commend G code,F/S commend compatibility
Operation system NC-studio
Feeding height 200mm

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